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The Geisel Privathotels company has been family-owned and managed for more than 100 years. And whatever the Geisel family sets out to do, it always combines a passion for ensuring its guests’ wellbeing with a distinctive style and the courage to try out new things. This proud tradition is today carried on in the fourth generation by the three brothers Carl, Michael and Stephan Geisel.



The history of Geisel Privathotels began at the turn of the last millennium with the management of the Löwenbräu tent at the Oktoberfest. At the latest with the opening of the "Pasinger Weinbauer" during the First World War, Anna and Karl Geisel demonstrated economic foresight. After all, the subject of wine at that time and especially in beer-dominated Munich was definitely a courageous corporate concept. Up until the mid-1930s, three other bars followed the "Pasinger Weinbauer" concept of success, until the couple inaugurated their first hotel in 1935 with the "Hotel Rheinhof" at Munich Central Station. Here, too, they set new standards and made the Rheinhof, with its own laundry, butcher's shop and even its own block ice production, one of the most modern hotels in Munich at the time. A year later, Anna and Karl Geisel acquired the Hotel Excelsior, which quickly became Munich's No. 1, just two years later they included their third hotel, the Hotel Königshof, in their small, fine collection. The Hotel Rheinhof was completely destroyed in the Second World War and so no reconstruction had to be undertaken. The Hotel Königshof was also badly affected, but was rebuilt in the years after the war. The Cosmopolitan Hotel was opened in 1995. The subject of wine, which has shaped the history of the Geisel family from the beginning, was given an own place with the opening of the Vinothek on the ground floor of the Excelsior in 1991. Another focus on the subject of wine was set with the opening of Geisels Weingalerie in 2000. Today it is considered as exclusive supplier of the Munich gastro scene.  In 2017, the Excelsior was almost completely renovated and the Vinothek was enlarged. In addition, the luxury city residence BEYOND was opened directly at Munich's Marienplatz. In 2018 the Cosmopolitan Hotel was reopened after a 3-year renovation under the new name Schwabinger Wahrheit (translated: "The truth of Schwabing"). The Hotel Königshof was initially closed at the end of 2018 in order to be completely rebuilt in a planned construction period of 2½ years. In March 2019 the private train Luxon was presented as the newest member of the family.


"Bavaria is our future" is the family's creed. This is reflected in the great willingness to invest, the courage to innovate and a feeling for the guest wishes of tomorrow. When it comes to further expansion plans today, one thing becomes clear: Expansion is welcome, but only in Bavaria. What makes this decision so easy? The close connection to Bavaria and its state capital and the successful interplay of living tradition and invigorating dynamism. For this reason, we are available as your partner to operate your property as a boutique hotel in southern Bavaria.

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